Administered by the Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy in Tashkent, the Alumni Outreach Grants Program is designed to support alumni initiatives in Uzbekistan. The goal of the Alumni Outreach Grants Program is to provide U.S. government exchange program alumni with tools necessary to implement meaningful projects that aim to benefit the local community, professional networks and personal growth. The program has been instrumental in helping alumni to turn the concepts they learned during their exchange programs into reality.

The Faculty of Acoustics is a project aimed at promoting the evolving art of modern electronic music in Uzbekistan. The project expands the horizons of listeners by exposing them to sound sessions, providing practical hands-on training, and inviting professional DJs to share emerging technologies with its eager students. The Faculty has two major ongoing projects in Uzbekistan. The first, Stihia, is a festival of electronic music. The second, Fragment, is a series of instructional sound sessions that travel nomadically across Uzbekistan to teach students about currents in electronic music.

National Marketing Center (NMC) is a professional association that brings together successful companies and experts of Uzbekistan from marketing area. To date, Center united over 80 companies and 49 experts that are dedicated to developing marketing services in Uzbekistan. NMC steps up as an organizer of one of its kind Marketing and Advertisement Week “ADWEEK” as well as “Brand of Year” Award. NMC serves as a platform to its partners for sharing information on past and upcoming events, exchanging ideas and consulting with experts. Participation in the conferences, seminars, regular meetings of marketing club for exchanging professional experience and setting up business contact is also ensured. Additionally, association assists in capacity building in the area of marketing and provides an opportunity to reach out government agencies on behalf of association.